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People May Never Believe In The Kansas City Chiefs

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After Week 1, the story was that the Kansas City Chiefs caught the perfect storm beating the San Diego Chargers with a big home crowd and sloppy conditions. After Week 2, the story was that the Cleveland Browns aren't any good. After Week 3, people said the San Francisco 49ers haven't won a game so they can't be any good.

But the Chiefs beat each of those teams and people still aren't believing. With the way they've won, at times, it's understandable people aren't believing yet.

Chiefs G Brian Waters says (via USA Today) even 4-0 may not make people believers.

"Even if we went 4-0, I don't think people would believe," the 11-year veteran offensive lineman conceded. "I think it would take a lot more than 4-0."

I like Waters because he's a realist. 10 wins over the last three years vs. 3-0 start. Yeah, you can see why people wouldn't believe.

My guess as to win people start to believe in this team will be if the Chiefs can end the Indy and Houston road trips sitting at 4-1. Then I think you'll have a big group of believers.