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Kansas City Chiefs Mailbag: When Will Jon Asamoah Play?

Here's a weekly mailbag on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Every week I get questions via email regarding the Kansas City Chiefs.

Instead of answering them each individually I've gathered the top questions and answered them here.

So far the offensive line has been doing their part.  Still, I'm excited about Asamoah an anchor on our line for years to come.  When do you think he'll see some serious playing time?
I think it'll be a couple of years before you see Asamoah in there.

In 2010, the guard spots are taken by Brian Waters and Ryan Lilja. Waters is under contract through 2011 and, to be honest, I have a really hard time thinking they would move away from him before then. The Chiefs value leadership and that's what Waters brings. Lilja signed a three-year deal this offseason so I don't see him being moved out before 2011.

My guess is that Asamoah sees more playing time in 2011 but isn't a starter until 2012. Maybe someone gets injured, he fills in and never gives it up, but I don't see him outright taking someone's job before 2012.
When will Vrabel get out of Studebaker's way?
Mike Vrabel does so much on the field for the Chiefs but I do think his time is ending very quickly. He signed a one-year deal with the Chiefs and with that $3.25 million salary won't be losing the job this year absent an injury. Studebaker has a new three-year extension so you can expect him to be featured much more often in 2011 and beyond.

I'm curious to see how the Chiefs will use Studebaker moving forward because he's played a lot more special teams this year than linebacker (partly because Vrabel is there).

But, for now, Vrabel isn't going anywhere.
Against SF, the Chiefs did the whole run the punt team off shenanigans.  After the first swap SF used a timeout.  Out of the time out the Chiefs did the switcheroo again, that time however, the refs just seemed to stop play for no reason.  Any explanation on that?
A TV timeout was still going on is the explanation I heard. I'm not sure if the TV audience even saw them try it a second time.
How do you see the Indy game playing out?
I'm not quite ready to give an official score prediction but I do think this will be a close game. The Chiefs are eight point underdogs which seems wayyy to high when you look at how they matchup with the Colts. The Chiefs defense has been opportunistic and I think they'll accept that Indy will march up and down the field. What they need to do is hold tough in the red zone and make the Colts score three -- and not six.

I see the Chiefs running plenty and getting Matt Cassel some confidence with shorter passes to guys like Dexter McCluster and Jamaal Charles who can run after the catch.
Fantasy question....what will McCluster do this weekend?
Against Indy I could see WR Dexter McCluster having a terrific game. He's playing in that dome which means his speed will really be noticed. Last week the Chiefs did well with a couple shorter passes to McCluster to get him out in space so I could see them doing it again since it worked so well last week.

The Chiefs are trying to get Matt Cassel more comfortable and I could see dump passes to McCluster helping with that quite a bit.