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NFL Week 5 Picks: Peter King Likes Colts Over The Chiefs

More NFL Week 5 picks are starting to roll in and unsurprisingly more people are picking the Indianapolis Colts over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here's Peter King of's take:

I'll bet you a triple latte that the Chiefs win time-of-possession and lose the game. The only way K.C. wins is to pound Thomas Jones and use Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster as speed men outside -- and to hope Peyton Manning gets his hands on the ball only six or seven possessions. Of course, that's been the formula of about 70 percent of the teams that have played the Colts, and you see how far that has gotten foes.

I imagine controlling the clock will be part of the game plan but King makes a good point that all teams try to do that against Peyton Manning and, more often than not, they fail.