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NFL Week 5 Picks: '10 Chiefs Like The '09 Broncos?

Peter Schrager of has his picks in and like most everyone else has picked the Indianapolis Colts to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

In his writeup, he compared the 2010 Chiefs with the 2009 Denver Broncos, who went 6-0 only to break down and miss the playoffs.

I vividly remember last season around this time when I poked my head inside the Denver Broncos media bandwagon. It was sweaty. It was packed to the gills with middle-aged sportswriters typing away furiously on Twitter, there was no room whatsoever for overhead luggage and there were TV talking heads climbing on top of one another in the aisles, each one crouched and ready to bow to the throne of Josh McDaniels. It was a heinous sight, and I never got aboard. Sure enough, the Broncos went 8-8, missed the playoffs and nobody was talking about brown and yellow socks in January.

The same thing is happening with the Kansas City Chiefs now, as everyone is all juiced up about Romeo and Charlie getting the band back together and the emergence of rookie playmakers like Tony Moeaki and Dexter McCluster. Hey, the Chiefs are 3-0, and that’s great for their loyal fans. But let's not overlook the fact their opponents are a combined 3-9 and they’ve got Indy and Houston up ahead on the schedule. Let me know if that bandwagon is still full heading into Week 6. I’d be shocked if it is.

Schrager's final prediction: Colts 34, Chiefs 13

I suppose the Colts could blow anyone out but with the way the Chiefs have been playing I have a hard time seeing this being a blowout. Romeo Crennel and Co. have been too good, historically, against Manning to think this will be a blowout.