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Indianapolis Colts' Game Plan Is To Make The Kansas City Chiefs Pass

We're not shocking anyone by saying this but the Indianapolis Colts plan is to stop the Kansas City Chiefs running game. The Colts are among the league's worst at stopping the run and the Chiefs are among the league's best at running the ball.

Via a column from Reggie Hayes of the News Sentinel:

Freeney said blitzing could tip the balance, but also opens up the secondary to get "gashed" on long passes. The Colts’ first line of defense against Kansas City, however, must be to stop the run, Freeney said.

"When they pass the ball, they’re going to max protect, so quarterback pressures are not that important," Freeney said. "The most important thing is to stop the run and get them in position to pass the ball. When they do, we have to be ready to stop them."

It's interesting because this is almost the opposite game plan the Chiefs have against the Colts. Their focus is on stopping (or at least containing) QB Peyton Manning, while the Colts defense wants to put the game in QB Matt Cassel's hands.