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Jamaal Charles Continues Solid Fantasy Football Run; Dwayne Bowe Scores 5th TD In 3 Games

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles and WR Dwayne Bowe put in a pair of solid performances on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Charles was the star of the day with 177 rushing yards and another 61 receiving. Bowe didn't do much in the passing game but did catch a one-yard touchdown pass from QB Matt Cassel.

Charles, despite not being the full-time back, put up another huge day. He didn't score a touchdown -- no Chiefs running backs did -- but he did have nearly 240 yards on offense. His longest run was just 32 yards so he was consistently getting 10-15 yard runs against the Bills on Sunday. 

The Chiefs are using both backs fairly evenly and that will be a significant advantage down the stretch. As the Chiefs continue on in this season I expect their rushing game to get even stronger, if you can believe that. Opposing defenses will be more and in the remaining nine games and the Chiefs running backs will be relatively fresh. This particularly applies to Charles because he's a speed back. Thomas Jones on the other hand will be breaking down the defensive line between the tackles.

Bowe had his fifth touchdown in the Chiefs last three games. He only had 16 receiving yards -- the Chiefs entire passing game only had 152 -- but did haul in a touchdown. It's good news that on the goal line the Chiefs looked Bowe's way and felt comfortable doing it. Cassel is getting a better feel to Bowe and I think it's showing on the field.

Overall the Chiefs aren't turning into a half bad fantasy team. At the beginning of the season, we didn't think there'd be any good fantasy football Chiefs. The passing game would struggle, we figured, and the running back wasn't going to be this good, or so we thought. Both Chiefs running backs are legitimate fantasy football starters.