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Bills Vs. Chiefs: Kansas City's Receivers Were Non-Existent In Win

Earlier this week I suggested WR Chris Chambers would be a good fantasy football pickup for you because of some silly reason like he was "due" for a big game. Clearly I'm not a fantasy football expert because Chambers may as well have not even played.

In fact, outside of Dwayne Bowe's TD catch, maybe the Chiefs receivers didn't have to show up at all. Receivers on the Chiefs in Week 8 had 5 catches for 26 yards. A measly 5.25 yards per catch.

In contrast, the top three leading receivers were RB Jamaal Charles (61), TE Tony Moeaki (45) and TE Leonard Pope (20).

So what happened to the Chiefs receivers?

For one, KC didn't pass the ball much. Cassel dropped back to pass just 29 times in the game and the Chiefs rushed it over 40 times. 

Tight end was also a position that has given the Bills trouble all year so I'm not that surprised the Chiefs put up some good numbers there.

Dwayne Bowe had a TD catch that, depending on how you look at the replay, he should have caught (the ball was slightly behind him).

The Chiefs receivers didn't have much of a part in the passing game. They were solid blocking for the Chiefs running backs but the production just wasn't there in the passing game.