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BCS Standings: What Is Mizzou's Ceiling After Loss To Nebraska?

How high can Mizzou go in the BCS now that they have a blemish on their record?

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We've been trying to figure out the Missouri Tigers ceiling on the BCS standings week-by-week. Last week it was easier to handle the BCS rankings because Mizzou was undefeated and making noise in the BCS. This week? Mizzou now has a blemish on their record after Saturday's loss to Nebraska.

So what does Mizzou need to do now?

Take a look at the full BCS standings. Here are some thoughts on the Missouri Tigers and the BCS standings.

First, they need to win out in the regular season. There's no doubt they're going to be expected to beat Texas Tech, Kansas State, Iowa State and Kansas. They've been winning the games they're supposed to so far and that needs to continue over the next month of the season.

Second, Mizzou needs to win the Big 12 Championship game. They'll need some help from their Husker friends to make this one happen. Winning it may not be enough, though. They need to hope that Oklahoma can win the South and they can face the Sooners again. Two victories against the Sooners -- one as the No. 1 team and another as a likely top 10 team -- would look very nice on Mizzou's resume.

(Yeah, they need to win the rest of their games. How's that for analysis?)

If those two things happen then how high can Mizzou go?

I'm going to assume they won't top an undefeated Utah, Boise State or TCU. Because of their schedules with TCU and Utah playing each other, there will only be two of those teams that could go undefeated. I'm also going to predict that Oregon or Auburn -- but not both -- runs the table. That would put potentially three undefeated teams ahead of Mizzou.

After that you're looking at the one-loss teams. Alabama? Wisconsin? LSU? Ohio State? I'm not sure if Mizzou can pass any of those teams. Though, if the best-case scenario for Mizzou comes to fruition, and Nebraska loses again and the Tigers can win out and top the Sooners in the Big 12 championship game then that means Nebraska and Oklahoma would be behind Mizzou.

So that would put Mizzou right around No. 8 in the best case scenario. They need some help but Mizzou can still finish with a very, very strong season. Even if they win out, and don't make the Big 12 Championship game, this season is already a big success for Mizzou.

Of course, predicting how the BCS rankings will turn out is usually a pointless exercise. Next week something crazier than this week will happen, the BCS standings will get a big shakeup and I'll be back here again talking what Mizzou needs to happen to make this the best season possible.

Here's who is sitting in front of Mizzou:

  1. Oregon
  2. Auburn
  3. TCU
  4. Boise State
  5. Utah
  6. Alabama
  7. Nebraska
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Wisconsin
  10. LSU
  11. Ohio State
  12. Missouri