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Why Did The Kansas City Chiefs Go Against The Wind In Overtime?

At the start of overtime the Kansas City Chiefs lost the coin toss meaning they got to choose which end zone they would defend. Normally this isn't a big deal but on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium the wind was whipping around causing some potential trouble for the kickers.

The Chiefs chose to go against the wind in overtime. I didn't quite notice during the game but realized it in hindsight. Why did they do that?

Todd Haley admitted after the game that the wind was a factor in some of his decisions to go for it and punt it. But Haley also said something that I think helps explain why the Chiefs went against the wind.

"There are a lot of factors that go into those decisions that I'm not going into but one of them is that I thought today there was a pretty significant wind, clearly making kicks difficult throughout the game. The wind today was interesting because it was coming from the opposite direction of what it normally does; going a certain direction is something that we were a little more concerned about, but that was a big step for the Kansas City Chiefs."

That has to be the reason. I imagine the Chiefs players know which way the wind normally goes and decided to defend the end zone based on that. On Sunday though the wind was going opposite. That's a mental error for the Chiefs right there. If they didn't, someone should have told the players which way they wanted to go.