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BCS Rankings: Could Mizzou Do To Nebraska What KU Did To Them Four Years Ago?

I've already talked a bit about the BCS rankings and gave my thoughts on what could happen to the Mizzou Tigers down the line. Now Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune has some thoughts on what Mizzou could do to Nebraska. To understand, we'll have to rewind to 2007 when Mizzou had just beaten Kansas at Arrowhead Stadium. The Tigers went on to lose the Big 12 Championship game to Oklahoma and were shutout of a BCS bowl as Kansas played in the Orange Bowl despite having lost to Mizzou.

This year the setup is the same. Nebraska has beaten Mizzou and is on track to play in the Big 12 title game. If they do that, and lose to Oklahoma or Oklahoma State, could Mizzou jump them?

That would leave the other BCS bowls with a compelling choice for the at-large selection: Do they take a one-loss Missouri team or the loser of the Big 12 championship game, which would have at least two losses? With ticket sales and TV ratings at stake, would, say, the Orange Bowl prefer two-loss Nebraska, Oklahoma or Oklahoma State over one-loss Missouri?

That would be very intriguing and add another layer to what is already a terrific season for Mizzou. I'm not sure how KU got into that Orange Bowl -- maybe Lew Perkins helped -- but they showed they belonged when they won the thing.

Mizzou's season is far from over. That's something I think we're realizing, despite the loss to Nebraska. 

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