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Randy Moss Doesn't Make Sense With Kansas City Chiefs

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The Minnesota Vikings on Monday released WR Randy Moss less than a month after trading a third round pick to the New England Patriots for his services. Now the Randy Moss rumors start.

Here's what will happen. Moss now enters the waiver wire meaning the rest of the NFL teams will get a crack at signing him starting with the NFL's worst team and ending with the NFL's best team. The Chiefs will be near the bottom with their 5-2 record -- good enough for second best in the NFL. So if someone is going to claim Moss, that likely rules the Chiefs out.

But does he make sense with the Kansas City Chiefs?

I don't see how.

First, he's due a big salary in 2010 -- $6.4 million -- so that's one reason the Chiefs wouldn't be interested. Second, Moss's strength is going deep and that is not Matt Cassel's strength. Third, I don't know what the "right 53" is but for a young team like the Chiefs he's not it. Sure, GM Scott Pioli and the Patriots were able to bring them in but they were already winners at that point with a veteran locker room. The Chiefs don't have that yet.

So don't expect Moss in KC. Besides the waiver wire order being against them, there are too many reasons for the Chiefs not to make this move.