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NFL Picks Week 10: NFL Network Likes Chiefs Over Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs are entering the Denver Broncos game as slight favorites depending on where you look. Of course as Chiefs fans we expect KC to pull away in this one.

Watching NFL Network this morning, three of four analysts picked the Chiefs to beat the Broncos. The outsider? Mr. Warren Sapp.

Marshall Faulk: "I'm going with Kansas City. They run the ball the best in the league and Denver is 31st in stopping the run in the league. I'm taking Kansas City."

Steve Mariucci: "I take Kansas City. I agree, It will be a track meet. Not only that, they take care of the football. Only six turnovers. Kansas City is a good football team."

Warren Sapp: "Kansas City's a good football team but I'm going the other way on this one. They played 10 quarters in the last two weeks -- five overtime against the Buffalo and then overtime against Oakland -- the thin air of Mile High. I'm taking Denver."

Michael Irvin: "I'm staying with Kansas City right here because they just don't make mistakes and the team that doesn't make mistakes always wins."

Good running game + mistake-free football = Chiefs victory.