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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Denver Broncos: Dexter McCluster, Kendrick Lewis Inactive

The Kansas City Chiefs will be without the services of WR Dexter McCluster for the third consecutive game. McCluster has an ankle injury (reported to be a high ankle sprain) that's been hampering him.

Also inactive for the Chiefs are two safeties -- S Jon McGraw and S Kendrick Lewis. That means Donald Washington will get the start at safety. Ricky Price was activated from the practice squad this week so he will be filling in as well.

The rest of the inactives: RB Tim Castille, S Reshard Langford, LB Corey Mays, LB Justin Cole and NT Anthony Toribio. Mays is the only slight surprise on that list.

The situation at safety is an important one to keep an eye on as the Broncos are one of the better passing teams in the league. I would expect Denver targets Washington to take advantage of his youth.