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Embarrassing Losses Par For The Course This NFL Season

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Every team has this game. And every team, and corresponding fan base, feels the same every time.

Of course, some teams feel it more than others. Buffalo just now picked up their first win of the season. The Panthers have no reason to hope before 2013. The Bengals are aging disgracefully. Yet even the top teams in the NFL refuse to act like top teams every once in a while and drop a complete dud of a performance on the field.

Consider the following. Just one week ago, the Patriots (7-2) lost by 20 to the Browns. The Jets (7-2) were shut out just three weeks ago (before close calls against the Lions and Browns as well). The Bears put up 3 points and 110 yards of total offense against the Giants in Week 4. The Steelers have lost two of their last three and looked quite vulnerable yesterday against the Pats. The Ravens looked lifeless early on against the Bengals in a pitiful road loss, and certainly most remember the Colts season-opening loss against the Texans where Manning looked flat. And just last night, the Giants went to 6-3 after laying down against the one-win Cowboys.

All of those teams are division leaders. They all have at least two losses and at least one of those where they handed the other team a win on a silver platter. Each team in the NFL has been outcoached at least once, and every All-Pro has been shown up by some opposing scheme of some type. It's a weird year, this 2010.

That doesn't excuse Kansas City's performance from Sunday, so don't get me wrong. The Chiefs were outmatched at every facet of the game against a two-win divisional foe. Consequently, the team has a sobering week ahead of them with much to discuss and analyze from the top down. But it's also par for the course this season in which the Chiefs were one of the rare teams that had yet to take a total beatdown for 60 minutes. Sure they looked lifeless against Buffalo and looked horrible down the stretch against the Raiders, but this Denver game took things to a whole other level.

The best teams figure out how to move past these moments and leave them in the rearview mirror. They let them serve as a reminder of the need to focus on every single game and never take one opponent for granted, and then they choose to continue their mostly winning ways. The Chiefs have the coaching acumen to do just this, even if the taste is bitter for the next several days.