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Arizona Cardinals Vs. Kansas City Chiefs: What Do Cards Fans Think Of Derek Anderson?

The Arizona Cardinals have been playing QB Derek Anderson and not rookie QB Max Hall. The Cardinals are 3-6 and only two games out of the NFC West lead so their season isn't over yet. They're playing to win. Anderson has been consistently inconsistent this year completing 53 percent of his passes with six TDs and eight interceptions.

Fans on SB Nation's Revenge Of The Birds are wondering who gives them the best option at QB.

While DA has the ability to make plays that has everyone jump out of their seats with joy, he also has the ability to, on the very next play, cause everyone to want to run into a wall. Named the starter after Matt Leinart was cut, DA's accuracy and overall QB play has frustrated many Cardinals fans. Throughout the season, he has missed many wide-open WR's, and has made terribly decisions...Many fans believe that he gives the Cardinals the best chance to win.

For KC Chiefs fans, I imagine either Anderson or Hall will do. Neither has played exceptionally well.

Check out the poll from Cardinals fans at Revenge of the Birds.