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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Welcome To The Chiefs, WR Michael Floyd

SB Nation has released their first 2011 NFL mock draft and with the 15th pick in the 2011 NFL draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select.....

Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame. Dwayne Bowe is coming along nicely, but the Chiefs need more help for Matt Cassel. OC Charlie Weis will have great familiarity with his former ND recruit.

As a Chiefs fan, I like this pick a lot. Is it a realistic possibility? In November, any mock draft possibilities are. The Chiefs need receiver help. I think we know that. Who knows if the Chiefs consider Dwayne Bowe part of the future. Terrance Copper? Verran Tucker? Those are the reasons KC needs some help at receiver. No offense to those guys but they're not the caliber of receiver that will make the Chiefs transition to an elite team very easy. Hey, I could be wrong.

There's no guarantee that an elite receiver will turn your team into a Super Bowl caliber team. There's very little evidence to suggest that's the case. But the Chiefs are very young and very talented at a LOT of positions. I say a receiver makes sense because I'm not sure where else the Chiefs need help. Maybe a Mike Vrabel replacement. Perhaps a nose tackle. Offensive tackle? There are other options but, in my mind, receiver is the most glaring need.

With Floyd, the obvious connection is Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, who recruited Floyd to Notre Dame when he was the head coach. That will make Floyd a popular mock draft pick for the Chiefs.

We're barely halfway through the 2010 season so there's plenty that can happen. Injuries, poor play, or all kinds of things can still happen that will make us change our minds (multiple times) before next April.