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Thursday Night Football, Bears Vs. Dolphins: Tyler Thigpen Era Starts In Miami

The Tyler Thigpen era is apparently starting in Miami. The Dolphins' two other quarterbacks -- Chad Pennington and Chad Henne -- have suffered injuries and Thigpen is expected to start on Thursday Night Football. It's been two years since Thigpen took the reins in Kansas City.

Thigpen started 11 games with the Chiefs and there were definitely mixed opinions. On the one hand, he made something happen with a 2008 Chiefs squad that was pretty miserable. They didn't win a lot of games but he kept KC in a lot of games. He made a painful season less painful to watch. On the other hand, he only completed 54 percent of his passes here. That's a basic requirement of a QB and I'm not sure how far he'll go if his completion percentage is that low.

The Dolphins traded for him and sought him out so you there's something that they like. He's mobile and can hurt you with his legs, although he says he's more of a pocket passer these days.

"In Kansas City, I was just playing off of just a feel for the game and just athleticism. (Quarterbacks) Coach (David) Lee has done a really good job of developing me into a drop-back passer, and if stuff breaks down, I still have that athletic ability to get outside of the pocket. But I feel like I am a pass-first kind of guy now."
I don't know about you but as a Chiefs fan I'm cheering hard for Thigpen to succeed. We have to think him for making the 2008 season watchable, even if there weren't many wins to back it up.