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Keyshawn Johnson Proves There's A Lot Of (Expletive) Being Talked About Josh McDaniels

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley once called Keyshawn Johnson the best receiver he's ever coached. Johnson is a big fan of Haley's and talked with "3 Guys In A Garage" on 810 WHB Wednesday night about the hot topic in KC over the last week:  Todd Haley's non-handshake with Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels.

Johnson says if he were given the opportunity, he wouldn't shake McDaniels' hand either.

"I know a little bit more about what the situation is," Johnson said. "Me personally, I wouldn't have shook his hand either. I'd just catch him two games from now and run up the score on them. But that's just me."

That's an interesting statement because Johnson indicates he knows what was going on. Remember, Haley's words at midfield were, according to footage provided by WDAF-TV, "There's a lot of (expletive) being talked about you." Johnson proves that statement to be true by....talking some (expletive) on McDaniels.

"Calling off the dogs when your running back has a chance to rush for 300 yards and we decided to not do that, and then you go out there and pretty much continue to blitz and do some of those things...I think it's just whatever. Josh McDaniels has a lot of his own problems with the Denver Broncos. He's not actually lighting it up trying to be Bill Belichick so it's a thing that can come back to bite you, if you're McDaniels, and at some point in time it doesn't feel good if you're having the score run up on you."

Haley was right. There is some (expletive) being talked on McDaniels. Johnson's clearly on Haley's side and doesn't agree with some of the things McDaniels did. As Johnson suggests, Haley is likely upset now that he didn't keep RB Jamaal Charles in there last year to try and break the single-game rushing record.