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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Chiefs Shouldn't Feel Bad For Needing OT To Beat Bills

More NFL power rankings are coming out for Week 9 and we're seeing more folks rank the Kansas City Chiefs around the top 10.

SB Nation has them ranked at No. 11 while FOX Sports has them at No. 10 suggesting they're the NFL's most improved team. That's hard to argue. There has been a last place to first place team in the last seven seasons and the Chiefs are on track to be the next one to do that.

CBS Sports keeps them at No. 10 and asks if we can believe the Chiefs and Raiders game will be a big one. It's Week 9 and arguably the biggest game in Week 9 is Chiefs and Raiders. That does sound strange.

Walter Football ranks them at No. 14 which seems a little low for a team that's tied with the second best record in football. suggests a win isn't really a win if you need 75 minutes to beat the Bills. You know who else needed OT to beat the Bills at home? The Ravens. Where are the Ravens ranked? 5th. I'm not arguing the Chiefs placement of 5th but the writeup doesn't make much sense to me. A win is a win in the NFL no matter how it comes and the Ravens and Chiefs proved that against the Bills.

The Chiefs continue to rank well but I'm not sure how much farther they can move up. They have a relatively easy schedule which means folks will continually be able to use that as a crutch in defending why certain teams are ranked ahead of them. For now, 10th is about right for the Chiefs. If they get some more consistency in the passing game they could rise.