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Odds On Who Claims Randy Moss From Waiver Wire

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I've gone on the record to say that it doesn't make sense for the Kansas City Chiefs to claim WR Randy Moss off the waiver wire. There are too many reasons the Chiefs won't do it in my opinion. has released the odds on who Moss's next team will be at 11/2 and the Kansas City Chiefs are right up there next to the Chicago Bears. The Seattle Seahawks are at 7/2 despite reports that they won't put in a claim for him. The New England Patriots have 5/1 odds on landing him (again). The Oakland Raiders are at 7/1 which is interesting because Moss already flamed out there.

So who will Moss's next team be?

Here's the full list of odds:

St. Louis Rams 7/2

Seattle Seahawks 4/1

Washington Redskins 9/2

New England Patriots 5/1

Chicago Bears 11/2

Kansas City Chiefs 11/2

Miami Dolphins 13/2

Oakland Raiders 7/1

Tennessee Titans 15/2

San Diego Chargers 9/1

Dallas Cowboys 20/1

Any Other Team EVEN