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TE Tony Moeaki's Loss Hurts KC Chiefs In Fantasy Football

The Kansas City Chiefs aren't very important to the fantasy football world because their offense doesn't regularly put up huge numbers (save last week's 469-yard passing performance last week). They do have a couple of players -- WR Dwayne Bowe and TE Tony Moeaki -- who are solid fantasy options at their position. Bowe is playing on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

Moeaki is not. He's reportedly suffering from a concussion and won't be playing.

TE Leonard Pope is actually the No. 1 tight end (if you believe the depth chart) but he can't replace the numbers Moeaki puts up. The best you can hope is that Pope is a red zone target because he's not someone that will consistently hurt the Cardinals in coverage.

Bowe will be playing and I imagine he's made some fantasy football friends the last few weeks. He's on a tear catching eight touchdown passes in the last five games. He's been one of Matt Cassel's favorite targets and suddenly has a nose for the end zone.

For as much flack that the Chiefs passing game gets, Bowe is tied atop the NFL with nine receiving touchdowns.