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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Arizona Cardinals: KC Should Roll

The Kansas City Chiefs have plenty of reasons to win on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. The Chiefs hold the advantage in almost every major statistical category and they're at home. KC is 4-0 at Arrowhead Stadium this year and they've shown they're tough to beat there.

The Chiefs are looking to snap a two-game losing streak and they should be able to do that against Arizona. They're eight point favorites to do it and KC's stats are much, much better than Arizona's.

Offense: 23rd (Pass: 30th, Rush: 29th)

Defense: 32nd (Pass: 27th, Rush: 28th)

The Cardinals have lost four in a row so they're not doing many things right. The Chiefs have done a good job this year at capitalizing on the opponent's mistakes and making teams one-dimensional. They should be able to do both against Arizona this Sunday.

The Cardinals will make mistakes -- perhaps an interception or a fumble -- and the Chiefs will have to capitalize. They can't make silly mistakes to keep the Cardinals in it. Absent turnovers or penalties, the Chiefs are the better team. They'll also be able to shut down the run against the Cardinals which will make the Cardinals somewhat vulnerable.

The stats say the Cardinals should lose this game. Vegas says the same thing. And now I'm predicting the same. The Chiefs should win by two scores.