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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Arizona Cardinals: KC Cruising Over Cards

The Kansas City Chiefs are cruising against the Arizona Cardinals in the fourth quarter. KC just kicked a field goal to make it 24-6 in favor of the Chiefs. The Chiefs have controlled this game almost from the start as Arizona took a 3-0 lead and KC put up 21 unanswered.

QB Matt Cassel has completed 14-of-23 passes for 155 yards and a touchdown and no turnovers. RB Jamaal Charles has 84 yards rushing while RB Thomas Jones has 71 yards rushing. Dwayne Bowe has a touchdown catch including 71 yards on five receptions.

The Chiefs offense has been looking good with the exception of a couple of stalled fourth quarter drives. They're in control of the game but can't quite put the Cardinals away.

It's halfway through the fourth quarter and all indications are this is KC's game to lose.