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Kansas City Chiefs Victory Over Arizona Cardinals May Be Costly

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium but it may have come at a cost. Two important Chiefs players exited the game with injuries -- LT Brandon Albert and CB Brandon Flowers. We're not sure what's up with either of them but losing either -- for any stretch of time -- would be a big blow to the Chiefs.

Albert left with a hip injury and was replaced by OT Barry Richardson. Albert was seen walking around on the sidelines so his injury -- at least at first glance -- doesn't seem to serious. After the game, G Brian Waters told us he has "100 percent, complete confidence" in Richardson should he have to replace Albert.

Flowers left with a hamstring injury and we're not sure what's up with him either. He was not in the locker room after the game. Losing Flowers would be significant since he's arguably the top defensive player on the team. You can't completely replace someone like Flowers and, with the Chiefs average pass rush, cornerbacks are very important on this team.

The Chiefs will start practice on Wednesday at which point we'll find out a little more about these injuries. By Friday, the Chiefs will announce their status for the game.

Losing either of these players would be a blow to the Chiefs so we're hoping it's nothing too serious