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NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Peter King Likes Chiefs At No. 13

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The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday to move their record to 6-4 meaning they can expect to jump a little in the various Week 12 NFL power rankings that will be released on Tuesday. Peter King of has his "Fine Fifteen" and puts the Chiefs at No. 13.

It's not hard to beat Arizona badly. But the one thing I like about what the Chiefs did against the Cards was extend offensive drives, and get a good, steady game from quarterback Matt Cassel. He needs to link a few of those together.
Matt Cassel's play isn't much of an indicator of how the Chiefs will do. He's played poorly before -- against San Diego in Week 1 -- and they won. He's played well before -- against the Denver Broncos in Week 10 -- and they've lost. It's the running game that really matters.

When Cassel is playing well AND the Chiefs running game is playing well, these guys are tough to beat. We're not ready to crown the Chiefs yet but when they're on, this is a very good team.