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Brad Childress Fired: What A Difference A Year Makes

The Minnesota Vikings have officially fired Brad Childress as head coach. It's incredible the difference one year makes, especially when you compare someone like Childress to Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley. Let's take a look back at where we were at this time last year.


The Vikings were coming off of Week 11 with a dominating 35-9 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Brett Favre was looking great, the Vikings were winning and Childress had just signed a contract extension that would carry him through the 2013 season. Things couldn't be better in Minnesota, right?


The Chiefs meanwhile were 3-7, coming off of the highlight of their season -- a victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. At 3-7, that's as good as it got for the Chiefs. Some impatient fans didn't want to wait for Todd Haley to come around. Fans didn't like the running game -- LJ had just been released -- and we weren't sure what we were getting from Jamaal Charles just quite yet.


Fast forward one year and, wow, things are different. The Vikings are 3-7 and Childress has been fired. The Chiefs, on the other hand, are looking very good and Haley is much closer to a contact extension than a firing.