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NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Why The Chiefs Are Ranked No. 14

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SB Nation has released their Week 12 NFL power rankings and the Kansas City Chiefs are ranked No. 14, which is a very fair ranking in my mind. The Chiefs were coming off of two consecutive losses -- both to division opponents -- so they deserved to be dropped the last couple weeks.

This week though the Chiefs walk away with an impressive 31-13 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. The Chiefs were expected to win big and that's what they did.

So the Chiefs are at No. 14, which means there are 13 teams ahead of them. Here are those teams: Chargers, Giants, Bears, Bucs, Saints, Steelers, Ravens, Colts, Eagles, Jets, Falcons, Packers and Patriots.

The Giants and Colts are the only teams that have the same 6-4 record as the Chiefs. The Giants won five in a row before hitting their current two-game skid so I'm comfortable putting them ahead of the Chiefs. They've been in a tougher division anyway, I think. The Chargers are a team the Chiefs have beat and they have a 5-5 record, which is worse than the Chiefs' record. I put the Chargers ahead of the Chiefs because they're simply playing better football over the last month. The Chargers have won three in a row and looked impressive doing it while the Chiefs have won just one of their last three.

The Bears and Bucs are two other teams I considered ranking behind the Chiefs. However, they've both been doing what the Chiefs haven't done consistently -- beat the teams you should, or teams with losing records. That's all the Bucs have done en route to a 7-3 record. The Bears don't have a ton of impressive victories -- Packers in Week 3 is a big one -- but they have the top defense in the league.

So the Chiefs sit at No. 14 where I think they'll stay for a while. I could see the Bears, Bucs or Chargers faltering but after that I'm not sure who's going to fall out of the top 13.