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Taylor Swift Concert Coming To Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium In 2011

Last month the Kansas City Chiefs announced Kenny Chesney would be playing at Arrowhead Stadium next year and they've confirmed the second major act coming to Kansas City: Taylor Swift.

The Chiefs confirmed today that the Taylor Swift: Speak Now tour will stop at the New Arrowhead next year, marking the second major concert announcement from the New Arrowhead in as many months. The news follows last month’s Kenny Chesney Goin’ Coastal tour announcement.

It seems as if the Chiefs are trying to make a larger effort to use Arrowhead for non-football activities as well. The concerts in addition to some of the soccer events -- Manchester United vs. Wizards as well as going after the World Cup.I

It makes a lot of sense to maximize Arrowhead's potential. It's not making any money with no one in it.