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Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe Presents Fascination And Frustration

Is he or isn't he? It's easy to make a case for both sides. And while there's still six more games of regulation to play, along with any potential playoff contests, Dwayne Bowe will still be a frustrating case for evaluators come this off-season.

The talented wide receiver's first two seasons in the NFL were historic in their productivity (156 receptions, 2017 receiving yards, 12 TD) as very few wideouts enjoy the instant success that Bowe did. Then came the dropped passes. Then the drop in productivity. Two years later, he's been called everything from a let-down to a complete bust -- the latter a ridiculous term too easily thrown around in today's what-have-you-done-for-me-lately NFL culture. Needless to say, however, 2009 wasn't what anyone expected in Todd Haley's first season as Head Coach. The end results: 9 starts, 589 yards, 4 TDs and a very forgettable year for all involved.

A mixed story, however, is being told in 2010. In the offseason, he's spreading tales of teammates importing women while on road trips.  On the field, six months later, Bowe's ascension to possible greatness is transpiring in front of the NFL's eyes. The Cardinals contest gave him his fourth game with two touchdowns and he has 11 on the season to date. He's averaging a career best 15.5 yards/reception and just had his third 100 yard game.

Just last month, Bowe was Peter King's "Goat of the Week" after another dropped pass against the Colts. It seemed the trend from last season was rearing its head once again amid the Chief's successes. Yet something with Matt Cassel seemed to click since Week 6 and no other receiver in football has been as hot since that time. By the time the final statistics are tallied, Bowe's season will likely be looked upon as a great one.

Scott Pioli has always maintained a long-term perspective on personnel issues and decisions, so don't expect him to be short-sighted in any way. The Chiefs clearly have a need at receiver and there's a mixed pressure on the front office to properly gauge the Chiefs' need. Do they already have a top flight receiver in house? Are the drops too prevalent even still? How high of a draft choice should the Chiefs invest? There's still plenty of season left for Bowe to make his case.