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Chiefs Well Suited To Defeat Seahawks On Sunday

If parity has been the name of the game in the NFL over the last few seasons, 2010 provides the extreme example. Every division is wide open. Every great team has laid an egg. Every bottom feeder has unveiled a surprise or two. Any Given Sunday isn't just a great movie; it's a mantra for every team to focus on each and every game. Get caught looking upfield at the next few games and you'll find yourself on the losing end after 60 minutes.

That said, the Chiefs' upcoming contest at Seattle is a very winnable game. I don't mean that the Chiefs can possibly win as in "any team can win any game." I mean, the Chiefs seem uniquely suited to beat Seattle the same way other teams have beaten Seattle. But, of course, you can't take that for granted.

What do I mean? The Saints defeated the Seahawks last Sunday by protecting the football, winning the rushing battle and maintaining control of the clock. In the Seahawks five losses, they have 12 turnovers compared to 5 for their opponents. In their loss to the Broncos, the 'Hawks had four turnovers and three in their 41-7 loss to the Giants. Seattle also lost the time of possession battle in every loss, and except the Broncos loss, they've also been outrushed in every loss.

Those are three things the Chiefs have mastered when they're operating well. The Chiefs vaunted rushing attack naturally eats up the clock with the two-headed monster of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones, and it seems the two are back on track after the Cardinals win. The Chiefs are also tops in the NFL in protecting the football and played another turnover free game this last weekend.

The Raiders and Broncos have already won their games against the Seahawks, so to keep pace, the Chiefs need to earn this one as well. The Chiefs must focus on these three if they are to walk out of Seattle with a win -- a very difficult place to play given the noise from the stands. But given the Chiefs' history to this point, they're in prime position to do just that.