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KC Chiefs Road To Playoffs Should Include Another Road Win Against Seahawks, Chargers Or Rams

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The Chiefs are 5-0 at home but just 1-4 on the road. They'll likely need one more road victory to snag a playoff spot.

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The Kansas City Chiefs are a perfect 5-0 at home while they've struggled mightily on the road going 1-4. That leaves them standing at 6-4 as we enter the post-Thanksgiving home stretch. The Chiefs have three more home games and three more road games.

If the Chiefs keep up their trend of winning at home, then that means they'll likely need to win just one more road game. Sweeping them at Arrowhead would be eight wins, plus the one road win they have now plus one more. That could bring them to 10 total wins on the season which would likely be enough to win the AFC West.

Seattle Seahawks; The Chiefs definitely can win this game -- there's no doubt about that. But Seattle is also a difficult place for opponents to play and the Chiefs aren't very good on the road. That's not a good combination. The Chiefs are the better team -- again, there's no doubt about that -- but I don't have 100 percent confidence in them.

San Diego Chargers: This is shaping up to be the game of the year on Dec. 12 in Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers are currently one game behind the Chiefs so this game likely will have significant divisional implications. Last year, KC was embarrassed twice by San Diego including a 43-14 loss in San Diego. It's hard to count on this game for a Chiefs victory right now.

St. Louis Rams: KC travels the short road across the state to St. Louis and takes on a Rams team they should beat for a number of reasons: 1.) St. Louis is starting a rookie quarterback, which the Chiefs should be able to keep in check; 2.) That (joke of a) dome in St. Louis is arguably the least intimidating stadium in the NFL; 3.) RB Jamaal Charles will light it up on that turf. OK, those aren't all real reasons they'll win but this does represent KC's best chance at a road victory the rest of the way. The Rams aren't great and they have no home field advantage.