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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Seattle Seahawks: Blocked Field Goal For 'Hawks

The Seattle Seahawks blocked a field goal early in Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The Chiefs had been moving the ball very well so Seattle's blocked punt came at a perfect time keeping KC's lead at 7-0.

Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop lined up for the field goal and the Seahawks' Craig Terrill broke through the middle of the field and blocked the punt sending it backward. The Chiefs then picked up the ball and tried to run with it before fumbling and Succop came up from behind and kicked the ball out of bounds.

The referees threw a penalty on the field saying Succop kicked the ball forward out of bounds, which is a penalty in this situation. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley the red flag arguing that a KC player had already picked it up and been ruled down by contact.

The officials reviewed the play and found that a KC player had indeed picked up the ball after the block, and was tackled and ruled down by contact.

The Chiefs lead the Seahawks 7-0.