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Fantasy Football: Will Raiders Shut Down Jamaal Charles And Thomas Jones?

The Oakland Raiders will host the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday and I don't expect it to be a huge fantasy football day. Both the Chiefs and Raiders are expected to utilize a heavy dose of the run on Sunday.

For the Raiders, they'll be looking to stop Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones who are on a tear for Kansas City right now. They've helped push KC over 200 rushing yards in each of the last three games and at least one of them has gone over 100 yards in each game of that stretch.

The Raiders are currently the 26th ranked run defense so there's some thought the Chiefs will be able to move the ball on them. Despite their ranking, the Raiders are a good run defense.

They're just inconsistent. They've played eight games this year and four times they've held the opponent under 100 yards. That's an excellent goal for the Raiders run defense. On the other hand, the Raiders have also given up over 150 yards rushing three times this season, including two over 200 yards. That's why some are thinking the Chiefs will be able to move the ball on Oakland. Tennessee and Houston went over 200 yards against them and the Chiefs rushing attack compares favorably to them. In fact, it's the No. 1 rushing attack in the NFL so it'll be successful on a lot of people.

Both Charles and Jones are healthy, the game is on the road and the Chiefs have rushed for 738 yards in the last three weeks. You can expect Charles and Jones to get a fair amount of carries -- I'd bet at least 15 for each player -- and we imagine they'll continue to be productive as they have been all year.

My prediction for those two would be someone in the neighborhood of 150 rushing yards and a touchdown.