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Randy Moss' Next Team? Not The Kansas City Chiefs

Yeah we were daydreaming for a while about it but it's not going to happen. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley told reporters on Wednesday afternoon that the Chiefs are not interested in waived WR Randy Moss.

It's not much of a surprise. Even if the Chiefs were interested Haley wouldn't say anything so we may never know for sure. This could mean that the Chiefs feel he'll be claimed by a team in front of them on the waiver wire order. Who knows.

But Randy Moss isn't coming to KC.

It never seemed like a great fit to begin with. There were too many questions marks with the move and GM Scott Pioli doesn't strike me as a guy that likes operating with a lot of question marks. Moss did very well in New England because he came into a veteran locker room that had experienced winning.

The Chiefs simply aren't there yet. Someday they may be able to make a move like that but not yet.