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NFL Flex Schedule: Eagles-Cowboys Remains On SNF In Week 14

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers game will not be flexed to Sunday Night Football in Week 14. The NFL announced on Tuesday that it would keep the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday night and the Chiefs-Chargers game will not be moved.

The news isn't surprising considering the amount of attention both the Eagles and Cowboys command but I do think many of us agree that the Chiefs-Chargers game means a lot more than Eagles-Cowboys. It's possible, or even likely, the winner of that game will win the AFC West.

Alas, the NFL decided not to move it. They did move one game pushing the New England Patriots and Chicago Bears game back to a 3:15 p.m. start so the nation will see those teams play.

It looks like it'll be 3:15 p.m. start for the Chiefs-Chargers on Dec. 12.