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NFL Picks Week 9: ESPN Split On Raiders And Chiefs

The Oakland Raiders will host the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday and NFL picks for Week 9 aren't sure who will win. ESPN has released their picks for the week and they're split on the winner. Vegas says the Raiders will win but the Chiefs have been a tough out all season and sit at first place in the AFC West.

Picked the Chiefs: Eric Allen, MIke Golic, Chris Mortensen, Adam Schefter and Seth Wickersham.

Picked the Raiders: Merrill Hoge, Ron Jaworkski, Mark Schlereth, Accuscore (computer simulation) and Fan Pick 'em.

I've laid out plenty of reasons the Chiefs can win this game. They're healthy, haven't really been stopped in the running game this year and can stop the run, which is the Raiders biggest strength. On the other hand the Raiders are coming off two weeks in which they've scored a total of 92 points. They're running the ball very, very well and have won three of four in all. They're not going to be an easy out by any means.

We'll find out on Sunday if the Chiefs can take care of business on the road against Oakland as they've done for seven consecutive years.