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Nnamdi Asomugha Injury Has Him Doubtful Against Chiefs

It's not looking good on the Oakland Raiders injury front. Both CB Nnamdi Asomugha and TE Zach Miller aren't expected to play on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs so adjust your fantasy football lineups accordingly. The Raiders listed both as doubtful for the game meaning they're highly unlikely to play.

Asomugha's absence may hurt the most. The Raiders pass defense will survive without him because they have a good secondary but the Chiefs and QB Matt Cassel will have some advantages to capitalize...if they choose to even pass the ball. The Chiefs have been playing it close to the vest this year in terms of taking chances in the passing game. Asomugha's absence may encourage them to throw it a little more. Even if that's the case, i wouldn't expect a big increase in yards from Cassel. His real danger is TD passes as he's not a candidate to put up 300-plus yards. If the Chiefs have trouble running the ball, Asomugha's absence will be highlighted. If the Chiefs can run the ball then I wouldn't expect much from the passing game, even with Asomugha out.

Miller's absence may slow down Oakland but the Raiders offense, like the Chiefs', is based on running the ball. Miller's critical on passing downs but the Raiders would like to be running away if they can. The Chiefs have a tough run defense so that may not happen. It'll be interesting to see how the Raiders handle his absence.