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Any Fantasy Football Wiaver Wire Pickups On Kansas City Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs will meet the Oakland Raiders on Sunday at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The Raiders are on fire both in actual games and fantasy football. Their run game is dominating as they've put up 59 and 33 points in the last two weeks. The Chiefs meanwhile have won two in a row and looked good in one game (Jacksonville) and average in another (Buffalo).

So what kind of fantasy football pickups are worth looking at on the Chiefs?

WR Dwayne Bowe: He's had five touchdowns in the last three games so he's definitely someone you should be thinking about. I do think Bowe will be a big part of the passing game this week but the problem is that there likely won't be much of a passing game this week. It's expected to rain all day in Oakland, which hurts the passing game. The Chiefs are expected to be running it quite a bit anyway. Bowe has a shot at a touchdown catch but I don't see a 100-yard game out of him.

RB Jamaal Charles and RB Thomas Jones: These aren't waiver wire guys but, as always, they should be in your starting lineup. The Chiefs will run it plenty as they neutralize the crowd in the road game.

QB Matt Cassel: Is he worth a pickup? Probably not unless you're in major trouble but Cassel is efficient. He doesn't put up a ton of yards but he also doesn't make mistakes. If you need a quarterback, what you can expect out of Cassel is 150-200 yards and 1-2 touchdowns. He's been pretty consistent around those types of numbers.