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KC Chiefs Vs. Oakland Raiders: What To Expect

The Kansas City Chiefs meet the Oakland Raiders on Sunday at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Vegas says it's a pick'em and there is rain expected during the game.

Here are five things to expect:

Expect plenty of rushes. Both the Chiefs and Raiders are expected to run the ball. The Chiefs are a run-first team, as are the Raiders, and it's going to rain. That should make both of these teams run it a lot.

Expect the Chiefs to stick to the game plan even with Nnamdi Asomugha out. Asomugha is listed as doubtful and he's their best defender. Expect the Chiefs to stay the course with the run game even with this move. The passing game is secondary at this point and even Asomugha's injury won't change that for the Chiefs.

Expect a close game. The Chiefs and Raiders are both good teams these days and with their style of play -- strong running game and solid run defense -- this should be a close game.

Expect missed field goal(s). It's going to be raining in Oakland which could hurt either Sebastian Janikowski for the Raiders or Ryan Succop for the Chiefs, or both.

Expect a Chiefs win. Yeah, I'm a homer (but at least I admit it). The Chiefs have won seven in a row in Oakland. They'll make it eight on Sunday.