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Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Oakland Takes 2nd Half Kickoff To The House

The Oakland Raiders are within striking distance of the Kansas City Chiefs as a 94-yard kickoff return TD brought them to within three. Less than a minute into the second half and the Chiefs lead the Raiders, 10-7.

The timing of the kick return is critical for the Raiders because they're having major issues on offense Through the first half, Jason Campbell had just 18 passing yards and 38 rushing yards between Darren McFadden and Michael Bush.

The Chiefs defense has been playing very well against Oakland creating two turnovers so letting Oakland get back into the game through a special teams TD is disappointing. The Chiefs have been very, very good on special teams.

On the following Chiefs return, Javier Arenas fumbled on the return and Oakland recovered.

I'm not sure this start could have gone any worse for the Chiefs.