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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Ravens Early Favorites; Chiefs Drop

The Kansas City Chiefs were hanging on last week in the various NFL power rankings for Week 9 as a top 10 team. They were 5-2 and in complete control of the AFC West. A week later, the Chiefs are 5-3 and do not have the AFC West wrapped up by any means. In fact, you could argue they're not even the best team in their division.

The NFL power rankings are the web for Week 10 are coming in and the Chiefs are not a top 10 team, which is probably right.

Peter King of 13. "Small consolation, but the touchdown from Matt Cassel to Dwayne Bowe to give the Chiefs the lead in the fourth quarter is what Scott Pioli paid all that money for last year." 14. (12) 5-3 "The pass offense and the amount of committed penalties have to be areas of concern for the first-place Chiefs. Dwyane Bowe has made some key drops this season; the latest came in the fourth quarter in Sunday’s loss to the Raiders. Kansas City was also penalized 12 times."

Meanwhile the top ranking in both of these go to the Baltimore Ravens. They're looking good right now and they'll watch two of the AFC's other top teams -- Steelers and Patriots -- beat each other up next week.