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NFL Picks Week 13: Heavy Odds On KC Chiefs To Beat Denver Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to be heavy favorites against the Denver Broncos in Week 13 and many of the NFL picks we're seeing apparently agree with that assessment. Most people are picking the Chiefs for the obvious reasons -- the run game, Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe's connection, home field and, well, the Chiefs are a better team.

The problem? None of that mattered when Denver destroyed KC a couple weeks ago. So while I do think KC takes this win, it's far from a guarantee. That said, SB Nation Philly has released their pick for the game and, not surprisingly, it's KC.

The line has rocketed up after opening at 6.5, which actually sounds much more reasonable to me. That said, the Chiefs are a great home team and Broncos have a propensity for getting blown out. Plus, I'm not sure if there's a coach I have less faith in than Josh McDaniels. Denver has one road win this year and that was two months ago. Ok, I've talked myself into it. I'm taking KC and this ridiculous line. Don't like the game though.

I think the thing the Chiefs have going for them is playing at Arrowhead. They're a different team there and the offense seems to take it to another level (although the offense took it to another level on the road last week). I'm taking KC because of that home field advantage but I do not feel comfortable with such a huge line on the game.