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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. San Diego Chargers: Vincent Jackson Has A Chance To Play

Nearly two weeks ago WR Vincent Jackson attempted to make his comeback to the San Diego Chargers after sitting out the season because he didn't sign his restricted free agent tender. He came in for a handful of plays and promptly injured his calf and left.

The early word was that he'd be out two weeks, which would have included Sunday's game against the Chiefs. While the Chargers are still not necessarily optimistic, there's a chance he's ready, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

Wide receiver Vincent Jackson practiced on Thursday, appearing to run without any hindrance from the right calf strain he suffered two weeks ago in Indianapolis but not working the entire practice.

"It's manageable, I guess," Jackson said. "It's still pretty hard, sore, hurting."

Whether he plays or not may not make a huge difference. He hasn't played but a couple plays this years so I can't imagine he'd have a major impact in his first game back. That, and then you've got his injury which could be limiting him.

If Jackson returns against the Chiefs, I wouldn't expect a major game out of him. Of course KC would probably rather see the Vincent Jackson-less Chargers.