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Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones Can See Added Workload With Matt Cassel Injury

The Kansas City Chiefs haven't yet ruled out Matt Cassel but, from what I understand, an appendectomy leaves someone pretty sore meaning if Cassel does play this weekend -- which is still very questionable -- he wouldn't be full strength. It's probably fairly obvious but Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones become even more important.

If Cassel does somehow, someway play on Sunday, then we can't expect him to be throwing for 400 yards and four touchdowns. Rather the Chiefs would probably want to slow the game down and keep it in their hands via the running game. That's where Charles and Jones come in.

If those two can get it going early on Sunday, then the Chiefs are going to have a shot. But if the running game doesn't get going, then this could turn into a shootout which wouldn't be very good for Kansas City.

If Cassel doesn't go on Sunday, it'll be Brodie Croyle. We really don't know what we have with him so, again, I imagine the Chiefs running game would include a heavier dose of the run when dealing with an unknown like that.

My guess? Cassel doesn't play and Charles and Jones combine for over 40 carries. Fantasy footballers, take note.