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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. San Diego Chargers: Antonio Gates Should Be Ready

When the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers play on Sunday, it will be just the fourth time they've played and Antonio Gates has been the best tight end on the field. The Chiefs used to have a guy named Tony Gonzalez who has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt he's the best tight to ever play the game.

On Sunday, Gates is expected to be on the field against the Chiefs. He's suffering from a foot injury that reportedly has a lot of pain involved. Gates says he's made it this far and that he'll be playing on Sunday against the Chiefs.

Gates historically has done well against the Chiefs and foot injury or not he's a weapon KC has to watch out for. In Week 1 against the Chiefs, Gates had five receptions for 76 yards. You could tell what the Chiefs thought of him because on the Chargers final play they nearly mugged him with multiple guys covering him as the Chargers tried to tie the game near the goal line.

Gates should be expected to produce once again against Kansas City. Eric Berry was on Gates last year until the second half when KC made some adjustments. It'll be interesting to see how they handle him this time around. Chiefs players have said before that they don't want to get beat the same way twice.