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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. San Diego Chargers: Matt Cassel's Injury Status Coming

The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing to play the San Diego Chargers on Sunday and, from what we can tell, they're preparing to play without their starting quarterback Matt Cassel. The Chiefs QB underwent an appendectomy on Wednesday and has not practiced since then.

On Friday, he arrived at Chiefs practice but, according to multiple reports, he didn't anything strenuous. That would indicate to us that Cassel's unlikely to go.

The Chiefs are preparing to play without Cassel as backup Brodie Croyle has been taking first team snaps this week. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said earlier in the week that Cassel would likely have to practice to some degree to have a shot to play.

Considering all the reports we've heard, it seems very unlikely Cassel is going to play. On Friday afternoon, the Chiefs will have to declare his status -- out, doubtful, questionable or probable. If it's out or doubtful, then he's not going to play. If it's questionable or probable, then the door has not been shut.

We should find out his status this afternoon but, for now, don't count on Cassel being around.