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2010 NFL Draft Re-Do: Dez Bryant To Kansas City Chiefs

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Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News has an excellent look at the 2010 NFL Draft nearly a full season later. Gosselin has gone back and re-picked for everyone in the first round and comes up with some surprising picks.

The one for the Chiefs instead of Eric Berry at the fifth spot -- Dez Bryant, who was originally selected by the Dallas Cowboys.

I admit -- I was a bit surprised by this. First, I think Berry is still a pretty good pick. He's shown nothing to suggest he's going to be a bust. Second, why a receiver? I understand the fascination with a receiver but Dwayne Bowe has been performing very well for Kansas City this season. In my opinion, Bowe has made the Chiefs reconsider drafting a receiver. Third, I don't think a receiver with the fifth overall pick is a realistic pick for this regime. The Chiefs are basing their offense on running the ball and, while Bryant could certainly help, how much of a help would he be?

I think Bryant is an excellent player and will continue to be one in the NFL. I just don't think it would have been the right pick for the Chiefs.

Gosselin has Eric Berry going 12th to the San Diego Chargers.

Take a look at the full first round re-do.