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NFL Picks Week 14: Patriots-Bears, Dolphins-Jets, Chiefs-Chargers, Eagles-Cowboys

We're picking the winners in Week 14 for five of the better games of the day. The Raiders-Jaguars, Patriots-Bears, Dolphins-Jets, Chiefs-Chargers and Eagles-Cowboys are expected to be close (maybe not the Pats) and entertaining.

Here are our NFL picks for Week 14:

Oakland Raiders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: I'm going with the Raiders in this one, unfortunately (for Chiefs fans). They're coming off of a huge day rushing the ball and I think they'll keep that momentum going. The Raiders need a win to stay in the AFC West picture. The Raiders win this one, 20-16.

New England Patriots vs. Chicago Bears: With the way the Patriots have played over the last month, I'm not sure you can pick them to lose, even on the road. New England is absolutely on fire so they head to Chicago with lots of momentum. The Bears on the other hand are a team that's absolutely surprised me. I keep waiting for them to lose every week and, yet, they keep on winning. Their luck ends today as the Patriots win, 34-17.

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets: The Jets have been playing a lot of very close games lately and coming away with wins. One of those close wins was not last week when they were beat down by the Patriots, 45-3. Are the wheels falling off for the Jets? No, I don't think so -- at least not completely. Somehow, someway the Jets come out with a close victory, 24-21.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Diego Chargers: I'd love to pick a KC victory but I don't think I can. There are too many things working against them in this game, namely the quarterback. The Chiefs margin for error isn't very big and I think it's too much today. Chargers beat the Chiefs, 31-24.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys: This is the Sunday Night Football game and it means something for the Eagles, who are tied for first place in the NFC East, and it means very little for the Cowboys, who aren't in the playoff conversation. I'm taking Michael Vick and the Eagles, 28-20.