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Down Goes Oakland: Raiders Fall To Jaguars After Darren McFadden's Big Day

And the Oakland Raiders blow it against the Jacksonville Jaguars, 38-31. The Raiders scored with just under two minutes remaining but allowed Maurice Jones-Drew to break off a big run to give Jacksonville a 38-31 lead. Oakland drove down the field and got into hail mary range but couldn't get it done.

What a blow for the Raiders, who had playoff hopes. Now they sit 2.5 games behind the Chiefs, who face the Chargers on Sunday.

Darren McFadden had touchdowns of 67, 51 and 36 yards. He had 19 touches for 209 yards including 16 carries for 123 yards and three receptions for 86 yards. The Raiders had to capitalize on McFadden's big day and they couldn't do it. What a disappointment for Oakland.

This means that the Chiefs-Chargers game could basically wrap up the division for the Chiefs. A KC victory gives them a three-game lead over the Chargers and Raiders with three games to play.

The Raiders fall to 6-7 on the year.