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NFL Playoff Picture: Raiders-Jaguars, Packers-Lions, Bengals-Steelers, Falcons-Panthers

The NFL playoff picture is shaping up in both the AFC and NFC with the early games completed. The Jaguars stay one game ahead of the Colts, the Raiders hurt themselves and the Steelers held strong. Here's the NFL playoff picture after the early games in Week 14:

Oakland Raiders-Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars won this one which puts them at 8-5 on the year and one game up on the Colts as they play Indy next week. That will be a huge game. The Raiders loss makes it very difficult on them. They'll be watching the Chiefs-Chargers game because a KC victory would essentially put them out of the conversation down three games with three to play. A KC loss keeps them in the conversation.

Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions: Wow. I didn't see this one coming as the Lions beat the Packers, 7-3. This puts the Packers playoff hopes in jeopardy as they sit at 8-5 awaiting the New England Patriots next week. Aaron Rodgers went down in this game with a concussion meaning he may not be available next week.

Cincinnati Bengals-Pittsburgh Steelers: The Stelers beat the Bengals with ease as they continued their hold on the AFC North. They're up one game on the Baltimore Ravens and currently have the No. 2 seed in the playoffs.

Atlanta Falcons-Carolina Panthers: The Falcons have basically wrapped up a playoff spot (they need some help to get it done). They're in the conversation for best team in the NFL.